9:00 am09:00

tentative - Training Day at Troy University - Dothan

  • 500 University Dr Dothan, AL, 36303 United States

Join us for some tips and techniques for this year's event.   Based on feedback from last year's event, we will again walk through the scoring sheets for each category in this year's competition and share tips and ideas for many of the sections.  

This year we will also have the judges coordinator for 2016 share pointers in what the judges will be instructed to look for as they judge.

We will cover the Project Engineering Notebooks, Marketing Presentations, Team Exhibit and Interviews, Spirit and Sportmanship and Software Design and Simulation.  Target audience would be the students who would be in charge of the listed areas and a mentor.  We will have seating for 56 plus standing room available.

Location:  Everett Hall Room 138

1:30 pm13:30

Tentative - Simulink Training at Troy Dothan Everett Hall 138

  • Troy State Dothan Campus

Simulink software provides an easy to use graphical interface to designing your robot interface and easily separates each robot's function into components allowing for easy to read software.

Developers attending may bring their team's laptops with their Simulink software pre-loaded if they want to work along with the presentation on the projector.   Unfortunately we will not have time during this short session to assist with loading the software.

6 labs are planned covering topics such as how to perform gearing of a motor, how to set a motor to run with a small output to a motor when pressing a button, and changing behaviors of a control item mid game, having predefined servos output positions and more.  If a first time Simulink user, it may be helpful to view the RoboCon you tube tutorials

Target audience for this event is software design team.

Location:  Everett Hall Room 138.  If arriving from 231, turn right at T intersection and take first left into parking lot.  Everett Hall is on your left.  Park and enter the main doors and go left and classroom is on left.

9:00 am09:00

Kick Off at Dothan Civic Center

  • 126 North Saint Andrews Street Dothan, AL, 36303 United States

Join us at the Dothan Civic Center for the Kick Off to the 2017 BEST competition Crossfire.   This year's game rules and field will be revealed to the participating school during the event.   

Participating teams will also receive their returnable kits containing all the electronic and motors and servos needed for this year's game plus a kit of consumable parts that the teams can incorporate into their competion robot.

please join us for an exciting start to another 42 days of BEST.

1:00 pm13:00

Mall Day at Wiregrass Commons Mall

  • 900 Commons Drive Dothan, AL, 36303 United States

Join us for field trials on the same field that will be used in competition to test your robots ability to navigate the course and achieve this year's objectives.  

The Spirit Of Best is evident at this event every year as teams share expertise between teams -  first year teams receive ideas and mentoring from more established teams and all attendees can see design features of the other teams.  It is always interesting to get first looks at the year's robot designs and see the creativity and problem solving ability of the teams.

This event also is a great way to promote BEST to our community, so we also encourage teams to set up a display booth on their assigned provided table and have students meet and greet shoppers and explain the competition to people who stop and view the proceedings.

5:00 pm17:00

Engineering Notebook Judging (tentatively at Troy University - Dothan}

  • 500 University Drive Dothan, AL, 36303 United States

Volunteer Judges still needed. Please sign up to help judge!  This is a very rewarding experience to review the efforts of our teams in meeting the challenge and provide them with constructive feedback to improve for subsequent efforts.

Notebooks can be delivered to George Faint at Troy Dothan Campus in Everett Hall - they must be received by 5:00 PM on October 25th or be considered late.



9:00 am09:00

Marketing Presentations (tentatively at Troy University - Dothan)

  • 500 University Drive Dothan, AL, 36303 United States

Volunteer Judges Still needed! 

Please consider being a part of this year's judges for marketing presentations.  Our teams will present a marketing pitch where they demonstrate the process followed and discuss their team structure and their final product as they try to sell their product and team to the judges.  You will walk away impressed at the caliber and poise of our students.  Very rewarding.

Lunch is provided to volunteer judges.

7:00 am07:00

Game Day at Dothan Civic Center

  • 126 N Saint Andrews St, Dothan, AL 36303 Dothan, AL United States

This year's competition culminates on Game Day.   This is an exciting fast paced event that features hear after heat of 3 minute hectic activity.  4 teams take the field each heat and attempt to score maximum points trying to gain sufficient points to move on to subsequent rounds.

Basic Agenda for the Day

  • Compliance checks in the pits between 7 and 8. 
  • A drivers meeting is held in a side room to review the rules prior to opening ceremonies as well.
  • Opening Ceremonies around 8
  • Seeding round
  • Lunch break - concessions are available on site
  • Semi final round - top 7 teams plus top notebook score for a team not in top 7 will advance to this round
  • finals - top 4 teams advance
    awards ceremony